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Vista Work Centers

To learn more about Vista, visit our website: Want to access your most important Vista data in one central location? Take a look at what Work Centers can do for you. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoint has to offer ensures that you are updated to the latest Vista version. Subscribe here for more Vista Videos and Viewpoint Insights. "Vista Work Centers overview. Work centers in the Vista menu, provide information beyond standard reports and forms that come in the menu. Work centers appear as tabs at the top of the Vista main menu. You can have up to nine different work centers on your Vista device. The easy way to add one is to click options and then work centers. To create one, you can select new and create one of these four pre-formatted types. Next, you can customize the name, then click 'finish' and 'okay' and you will see your newly created work center. This accounting work center comes with two dozen pre-formatted queries, giving you the opportunity to access information in one central location. To take advantage of the latest and greatest Vista enhancements, ensure you are updated with the latest Vista version."