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Aatrix eFile

To learn more about Vista, visit our website at: Bring tax filing to your Vista Accounting fast and easy with Aatrix eFile. This feature was made available in the 6.16 Vista release. If you would like your construction business to take full advantage of the latest innovative solutions in Vista consider upgrading to Vista’s current version. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista Aatrix eFile Reporting. Vistas' Aatrix integration makes it fast and easy to eFile or print your state and federal forms. Let's take a look a the Aatrix report selection. Launch the report selector window, choose the correct tax here for your desired federal or state form. The form will auto-populate with the appropriate information from Vista. The Helpful Reviewer provides steps for how to file your report. Any fields on the form in red will require you to input information before filing. Use the help to properly input the appropriate information. If changes are made, the report will make the needed calculations in real time. Once you're finished, hit next step and perform your final confirmation check. Now you can either eFile the form through Aatrix for a small fee, or purchase a convenient annual subscription to Aatrix, or print and file the report for free."