Viewpoint Financial Controls: Collaborative Construction Accounting

Experience exceptional visibility and productivity between accounting and operations teams.

It’s time for your construction team to soar.

Speed Up and Simplify Workflows

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Decrease Manual Processes. Save Time.

Put down the pen and paper when it comes to invoices, bills and checks. Spend more time growing your business.

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Improve Collaboration. Increase Productivity.

Collaborate in real-time without wasting time on email threads or trips between departments.

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Better Data. Better Value.

Reduce data duplication and lower costs with an easy to use mobile interface for the whole team.

Achieve a true partnership between accounting and operations to ensure everyone sees the right data with real-time financial management processes across your organization.

Extend your construction ERP seamlessly via the web-no matter where team members work.

Simplify AP Unapproved Invoice Review Processes

Quickly review, comment and approve invoices from a mobile device in the field or on the go. Improve communication between accounting and operations and ensure invoice payment accuracy.

Create Bill Packages Quickly

Eliminate manual processes required to collect, collate and combine documents with the Billing Compiler. Bundle AP invoices, receipts, JC adjustments and more.

Manage Your Entire Purchase Order Process from One Place

The Viewpoint Financial Controls purchase order dashboard allows you to view Purchase Orders by job, inventory, equipment, work order and more. Create new POs, PO requisitions and material requests with ease.

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