Construction Data & Reporting

Enhance decision making and stay profitable with self-service reporting mapped to realtime project data

Choose from pre-built reports or create your own and see all the information your way, in useful construction reporting formats.

Why is creating useful reports so difficult?

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Inaccessible Data

Requesting reports from the office can take days and require manual consolidation that often incurs errors.

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Challenging Reporting Formats

Actionable, reliable data from the ERP can often best be extracted using sophisticated programming to create SQL, Crystal or SSRS reports... which not everyone knows.

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Lack of Data Distribution Security

Limited realtime data access and manual distribution can be challenging – especially without a way to create security settings for appropriate data usage.

Make Smarter Decisions With Meaningful Reports Designed For Use by Any Member Of Your Organization

Let Viewpoint's construction reporting and analytics solutions turn your project data into easy-to-understand reports so you can make making informed decisions with security levels you can control.

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We needed flexibility in reporting, which we now have, and we also wanted a system that was integrated between finance and operations – we have that now as well.

Manny Machado, Solutions Delivery Manager, Bird Construction

Always-On Access to Realtime Data

Thanks to flexible reporting, monitor and get the data on key areas of your business including job profit trends, change order status, billing, and bids – anytime you need it.

From Complex Data to Simple Reports

Turn large data sets into at-a-glance reports. Choose from Viewpoint’s pre-built reports — from contract summary reports to progress billing, job code by phase reports to cost type reporting — or build your own. From tracking orders to change orders, easily manage information your way.

Distribute Data Quickly & Securely

Present data the way you want to present it, whether you prefer charts, graphs or tables. Then distribute the reports through email or set up limited, secure access for reports containing confidential information.

Flexible Reporting With Realtime Data Will Help Grow Your Business

Viewpoint's construction reporting and analytics software lets you create reports your way. Talk to us about how.

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