Engineering Procurement and Construction

Take control of complex and large-scale projects from a single project phase to the entire project lifecycle. Viewpoint provides EPCs with integrated and customizable project management solutions.

Reduce Risk and Save Time and Money with Engineering Procurement Tools Designed to Provide Complete Collaboration and Visibility

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Stay on Target

Transparent progress views to ensure a project remains on scope.

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Reduce Duplicate Entry

Real-time field data and document collaboration reduces time consuming duplications and re-works.

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Reduce Project Risk

Mitigate risk with a complete, intuitive and searchable audit trail.

Your Next Big Construction Project: A Big Success

You can streamline your business, stay on target and save time with Viewpoint EPC software.

Tailored Procurement Workflows to Lead or Delegate

Collaborate effectively with disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers through a controlled flow of information.

Cloud-based Solutions and Field Collaboration

Easy access to what you need, when you need, for all team members from office to project site.

Capture Communications

Secure, indexed and searchable – all information is captured for an auditable snapshot of your project.

Get A 360° View Of Your Business

Viewpoint has solutions for EPC. We’d be glad to answer your questions about what would work best for you.

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