Construction Operational Reporting

Detailed operational reporting for better visibility into business health

Capture realtime data from the field and create detailed operational reports for understanding and sharing the true health of your projects.

What are barriers to accurate operational reporting?

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Inefficient Data from the Field

Operational reporting is difficult because contractors have a lack of visibility into key aspects of project details without detailed reporting, like automated time capture, in the field.

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Ineffective Reporting Formats

When data is housed in different systems, reconciliation and formatting can difficult to do with accuracy – causing potentially critical data to be overlooked or dismissed.

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Lack of Visibility into Cost Overruns

Without realtime reporting on project data during construction, contractors are missing the actual vs. estimate cost overruns which can impact profitability and margins.

Operational Reporting For Construction: Efficient, Realtime Data Reporting From The Office to the Field

Trimble Construction One's operational reporting capabilities let construction companies turn project data into an easy-to-understand detailed report for visibility into issues before they impact profitability.

Get Accurate Job Cost Reporting with Improved Workflows

When field workers can enter and sign for their time in the field, they add important information to operational reports as part of the job cost data for a full understanding of a project's health in realtime.

Better, Consistent Data = Better, Smarter Outcomes

Turn large data sets into at-a-glance reports. Choose from Viewpoint’s pre-built reports or build your own. For job cost reports with plenty of detail, Trimble Construction One's robust suite of solutions with built-in ERP integration are always up-to-date.

Detect Cost Overruns Early

Track the health of your projects from the field to the office with shareable reporting that can spot potential cost overruns before they happen and provide the data for resolving the issue.

The Viewpoint Difference Is Clear

The Trimble Construction One construction management suite makes operational reporting a breeze. Let's talk today.

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