Software for General Contractors

Transform Your Operations

Viewpoint's general contractor software was developed to increase productivity, reduce risk and generate higher profit margins and happy clients.

No Matter the Size of Your Organization, General Contractors are Faced with Numerous Challenges in Today’s Market

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Accurate Job Costing

Lacking confidence in the accuracy of job costing in addition to the ability to run daily reports that help derive accurate revenue and cost projections.

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Real-Time Communication

Access to vital photos, drawings and project financials are not available when needed; causing communication breakdowns, project management delays and profit fade.

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Employee Management

The painful processes of tracking and managing subs to recruiting, hiring and managing employees.

There is a Better Way for General Contractors

General Contractors can gain access to real-time data and true project management with Viewpoint construction management software.

Stay on Top of Changes in Real-Time

Streamline your back-office operations by automating workflows, achieve stronger cash flows and gain real-time analytics for exceptional project estimating and forecasting with modern construction software.

Success at Managing Employees

Managing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and training to benefits and payroll, can be accomplished digitally in one system. Easily create your own careers page that is specific to general contractors. Employees can enter their own Paid Time Off, expenses and update benefit information without utilizing precious HR time.

Learn Why You’ll Love Viewpoint Construction Software

From managing the entire project lifecycle to streamlining construction accounting processes, modern ERP software can remove common challenges and add happy clients, employees and an increase to your bottom line.