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Information Technology in Construction

How can you improve your IT processes in the construction industry?

IT Challenges in the Construction Industry

From managing digital security to reconciling cloud-based software with on-premise solutions to introducing change throughout an organization. And, then, of course, comes the challenge of time. Embracing emerging technology in construction can help overcome all these challenges and do it more efficiently.

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Safety and Security in Construction

With disjointed software solutions — or even a lack of software solutions, at times — and a mixture of personal and company-provided mobile devices often in use on the job site, security offers a challenge to IT professionals dealing with technology in construction.

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Time Constraints

Dealing with a lack of integrated software reduces efficiency for the IT staff. From a mixture of cloud-based and on-premise software systems and construction companies reporting as many as six different software solutions across the organization, every different system to maintain balloons requirements for time and energy.

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Change Resistance

Getting everyone migrated to new software, though, can also prove a difficult task, thanks largely to the resistance to change or lack of staffing for proper training.

The ransomware attack was the last straw. The next day we decided that moving to the security of Trimble Construction One was an imperative.

Karen Lawhead, Director of Finance, Alterman Electrical Contractors

Embrace Technology in Construction and Overcome IT Challenges

Security issues can be minimized, time can be saved and proper training can help reduce change with software built specifically for construction organizations.

Feel Secure Knowing Your Technology is Secure

Sleep a little better at night. By using a proper integrated construction software solution, IT departments can more efficiently monitor and maintain the security of everyone connected to the system—reducing the hassle of observing several different disconnected systems.

Gain Time with Modern Construction Technology

Integrating modern construction technology into one system not only speeds up efficiency, but also eases the strain placed on an often under-staffed IT department. Fewer IT support tickets arise because everyone is using one solution instead of multiple systems.

Overcome Change Resistance by Improving Software Training

Using construction-industry software that is integrated gets everyone on the same page —reducing the constantly changing needs throughout the company. Also, Viewpoint construction software also provides the support to make training a positive part of the process. We take care of the training so you don’t have to.

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