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Custom User Defined Buttons and Tabs

To find more information on Vista, subscribe to our channel or visit our website at: Leverage the power of Vista to configure Buttons and Tabs to your business. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista Custom User Defined Buttons And Tabs. One of the most powerful aspects of Vista is its ability to be customized to work the way you work. With Vista's user defined capabilities, you can easily create custom fields and forms, custom tabs, and even buttons that launch processes or reports. First, it's important to know that any field that is italicized has been customized or extended. These custom fields can be placed anywhere on the form. Custom buttons are another piece of extendability. These custom buttons can launch forms, reports, or external executables. For a more powerful or sophisticated extendability within Vista, click on User Defined Data Structures or User Tables. Here, you can define additional information that can be linked in through a tab onto the standard form. These together provide enhanced capabilities to extend the forms to meet your particular workflow needs."