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Trouble Shooting Tricks on Forms

Interested in learning more? Visit our website at: Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista Trouble Shooting Tricks on Forms. Vista provides a number of helpful features that can help you diagnose potential data issues on a form. Want to see what properties or overrides are used on a particular form? Right-click the field and click Field Properties. Here, you can override certain behaviors of a particular field. If you have fields that you don't need or use, click on the field and press F3. Then unselect Show on the form and press OK. Now the field is no longer displayed. At any point, to see which fields are hidden click View and then Show Hidden Fields. To change the form label, click on the desired form and press F3. Leave it shown on the form and click System Overrides. Then type in your desired title under Form Label. Then click OK and save your changes and reload the form to view your new form label. If you want to see the standard label, click View, and then Standard Field Labels. All of these tricks are helpful when troubleshooting a problem or when conversing with Support to identify behavior on a form or see fields that might've been relabeled."