Software for Electrical Contractors

From streamlining workflow to project management in the electrical industry, maximize project effectiveness and profitability with software specifically built for the construction.

Common issues plague those in the Electrical Industry. Any of these sound familiar?

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Time Management

With a construction labor shortage and manual processes, it takes too much time to organize, complete and follow through with project deliverables.

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It’s often difficult to decipher what a customer really needs—and communicating those needs with vendors can become a hassle. This is especially difficult if paper and back and forth email is used.

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Measuring Job Cost

Without the necessary tools to connect estimating to accounting and workflow, job cost and profit margin is unpredictable.

Your Next Big Electrical Construction Project: A Big Success

You can manage your busy schedule, improve communication and predict job cost with greater accuracy with Viewpoint construction software.

Manage and Predict Time with Ease

Easy access to everything, everywhere, every time, for Office, Team, and Field members – including universal document collaboration. Keep track of who is doing what and when. Easily make adjustments, digitally in real-time with a cloud-based solution.

Improve Communication

Software allows all members of your organization – in the field or at the office, to see project tasks and deliverables. Updates are made in real-time – reducing miscommunication, errors and frustration.

Better Profitability with Better Job Cost Accuracy

Get the tools you need to connect estimating to accounting and workflow for more accurate job costing.

Time is money — for me not to have to worry about constant maintenance of the servers and software updates internally, it’s much less time and less stress for me.
– George “Junior” Atkinson, Vice President, Atkinson & Associates

The Value of One: Construction Management Software for You

Integrated ERP construction management software built specifically for issues facing construction organizations today. Software built to boost collaboration, connecting the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects and owners.

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making.

Reduce HR Burdens

Viewpoint HR Management™ improves productivity by giving your construction organization the ability to better manage your field and office employees through highly efficient processes – taking the burden off your strapped HR team.

Collaborative Construction Accounting

Viewpoint Financial Controls™ allows construction companies to achieve real-time collaboration between their accounting and operations teams without hidden expenses, hassle and data mapping issues that are common with third-party integrations. Project managers and operations get access to AP review, purchasing and job billing information and workflow from your ERP in real-time from a mobile device.

Field-to-Office Data Integration

Viewpoint Field Management™ puts real-time, easy-to-use capabilities for labor time & production unit capture, PO and material requisition, training, huddles, equipment management and more into the hands of field personnel in a responsively designed web app that’s usable on virtually any mobile device.