Software for Electrical Contractors

It's easier to balance your cashflow, labor, and ordering and invoicing processes when they're all connected.

Are you juggling any of these issues?

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Service Management

There's a lot of service work to be found, but you can't keep track of your work orders, people, materials, and customers with spreadsheets and paper.

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Inventory Management

Did you get what you paid for? Ordering, invoicing, pricing and procure-to-payment become harder to track as your business grows.

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If your accounting system isn't connected to your folks in the field, it's almost impossible to have a current understanding of change orders, job costing - or your profit margin.

Your Next Big Electrical Construction Project: A Big Success

Technology can help you improve communication, provide accurate estimates, predict job costs, and keep invoices moving along.

Attract (and Keep) Your Workforce

As 81% of construction firms struggling to retain workers, you need every reason to make sure your employees stick around. The new generation of tech-savvy workers expect the same on the job.

Month-end reconciliations used to take me up to 2-3 hours a month, sifting through paper reports and compiling the data myself. Now, I can pull it together in less than 30 minutes.

— Lisa Brown, Office Manager, Phoenix Electrical Technologies

Improve Communication

Software allows all members of your organization – in the field or at the office, to see project tasks and deliverables. Updates are made in real-time – reducing miscommunication, errors and frustration.

Better Profitability with Better Job Cost Accuracy

Get the tools you need to connect estimating to accounting and workflow for more accurate job costing.

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Discover how we can help you reduce the common issues and improve your success as an electrical contractor.