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  • The unique challenges and complexities of the construction and engineering sector, however, make understanding and controlling cash flow even more essential. Any company that can’t accurately manage and forecast its cash flow is potentially headed for troubled waters. But the unique challenges and complexities with the construction and engineering sector make cash flow forecasting essential.

  • Viewpoint Team is the solution that construction project managers have been waiting for! It’s our cloud-based solution developed to enhance construction collaboration by directly connecting to your Viewpoint ERP solution. This allows for streamlined workflows for the whole team, giving you visibility and control across your entire business.

  • During this webinar, we will show how your service technicians, from their mobile devices, can: easily review all their work orders, including serviceable item details and history, access linked online maps to get directions to the service site, make notes, take photos, obtain signatures and generate mobile purchase orders once onsite, capture electronic signatures from customers for work done, complete their work more efficiently, and exploring the real-time connection to Vista, what’s captured in the field is updated back in the office, resulting in quicker billing for work completed.

  • Drive your business forward with Viewpoint One, a powerful solution that helps contractors grow and increase profitability by connecting office and field operations in a single cloud-deployed construction accounting, finance, and operations platform.

  • Frikke Nagel, Product and Service Delivery Manager, Jobpac Data Analytics, gives an introduction to the new Fiori BI Launchpad (BI Web Portal). In this webinar, he'll walk through what`s new and updated in the Fiori BI Launchpad, how to navigate Fiori BI Launchpad, and how to use the new Fiori Web intelligence reporting tool.

  • For over 40 years Jobpac Connect by Viewpoint has been helping construction companies across ANZ streamline their accounting and payroll functions. Viewpoint has made a significant investment in the ongoing development of the solution. We focus on the enhancements made to meet specific requirements.

  • In this episode we’re talking to Sam MacPherson to explore a great example of how a “connected platform” is delivering enormous benefits to the construction industry today. And specifically how connected solutions are helping our customers reduce risk & improve cash flows, in an industry that has notoriously tight margins, and where cashflow is so critical.