Jobpac Connect

Build your business capacity and grow through scalable and integrated financials, operations and project management tools.

Gain 100-percent control of your business with complete construction software that connects your Office, Team and Field into one fully-integrated solution. Jobpac Connect features web-enabled, cutting-edge tools for construction accounting, business forecasting, project management and so much more.

One Comprehensive System for Construction Management

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Take Action

Monitor margin variances mid-project and make cost-saving adjustments.

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Save Time

Automate workflows and streamline paper-intensive processes.

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Real-Time Control

Easily access your information anywhere, anytime through the web-based interface

Know what you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and what it will cost with forecasting informed by daily operations.

Comprehensive and intuitive project forecasting that is natively integrated into accounts for dynamic and accurate reporting.

See Jobpac in Action

Jobpac is a robust software that does what it’s designed to do. It’s not an add on to something else or something masquerading as construction software. It’s been developed for Australia and New Zealand, and our business fits it and it fits our business.

— Ewen Stapley, Financial Controller, Naylor Love

Connect to Business Intelligence

Jobpac Connect's plain English Business Intelligence module allows customisable visual analytics so that you can create real-time project and business performance dashboards that are easily accessible to various roles.

Connect to Business Forecasting

Powerful point-in-time contract valuation and business forecasting ensures automatic reconciliation between project and financial ledgers and advanced work-in-hand forecasting across the whole business.

Connect to Efficiency by Role

Jobpac Connect's customisable role-based landing page gives you critical information and alerts at a glance with click through dashboards to make you more efficient in your role every day.

Connect to Advanced Forecasting

Advanced work-in-hand and cash flow forecasting capabilities gives you actual and forecast cash position along with liquidity at a glance—both at project and consolidated business unit levels, month by month for multiple years ahead.

Take Control of Your Projects with Up-to-Date Data and Workflows

From pre-construction to project closeout, JobPac Connect's integration with Viewpoint Team provides you with deep levels of project management insight, backed by accurate data and workflows.

Immediately know whether or not a project is on track or behind by easily viewing submittals, RFIs, potential issues and much more as work occurs rather than weeks or even months later.

Effectively manage subcontractors, mitigate risks and complete projects on-time and on-budget.

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