Construction Employee Management

Reduce labor costs, streamline hiring and empower employees with a single software suite

Viewpoint helps companies improve back office operations by automating HR workflows such as hiring and onboarding while enabling employees to manage their own work information with a self-service portal.

What’s causing hiring headaches and dissatisfied employees?

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Inefficient Processes

Manual processing of onboarding documents and applications is error-prone and can slow down hiring and operations, discouraging new employees before they get started.

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Reduced Visibility & Productivity

The lack of ability to track employees in the hiring processes, or have easy access to background checks and compliance documentation, can waste precious time and delay job-critical hires.

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Limited Employee Access is Inefficient

When employees can’t view and update their own HR or PTO information, it slows productivity in the office and frustrates employees in the field.

Automate Hiring & Boost Employee Satisfaction With ERP-Integrated HR Management Software

From automated onboarding and application tracking to empowering employees to view and access their personal information from the field, Viewpoint simplifies processes with one integrated solution.

Intuitive Self-Service Portal

Empower employees to manage their own work life with easy access to time-off, paystubs and benefits election from any location, on any device. Frees up HR to focus on other employee management tasks.

Streamline & Improve Hiring Processes

Hire better and faster. Streamline back-office operations by automating HR workflows such as applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding - saving time for your always-strapped HR team.

Reduce Costs, Increase Sustainability

Accessed on the web from anywhere, employees can digitally view important documents like W-2's, 1095cs, T-4s saving companies thousands in printing costs over time.

Manage Growing Compliance Risks

Gain peace of mind. Automated alerts allow companies to stay ahead of possible overdue compliance documents and respond quickly if an issue arises, lowering risk and keeping employees safer.

Automate & Accelerate Your HR and Employee Management Processes

Let Viewpoint's construction HR software solutions automate common HR workflows with one integrated suite.

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