Construction Hiring

Experience automated hiring processes & applicant tracking to save you time and money

Finding qualified employees during a labor shortage is challenging. ViewpointOne helps reduce the costs of construction hiring by reducing the time-consuming processes associated with bringing talent to your project or office.

What’s causing hiring problems for builders?

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Shortage of Skilled Labor

The construction labor force isn't growing and competition for new hires is fierce. You need to find the right people for your jobs, yet manual processes and outdated, disparate systems make applicant tracking difficult and prone to errors.

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Unattractive Hiring Practices

A lack of the digital capabilities in tracking and application processes that younger employees have come to expect can be harmful when appealing to younger, more tech-savvy employees.

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Manual Processes Impacting Productivity

Being unable to quickly track employees in the hiring processes or have easy access to background checks and compliance documentation can waste precious time and delay vital hires.

Improve Hiring And Applicant Management With Viewpoint's Automated Construction Hiring Capabilities

Save time and attract the right employees by streamlining the hiring process with one integrated solution. Even in a tight labor market, Viewpoint’s automated hiring workflows provide the edge that helps win and keep good people.

Speed Up the Hiring Process

Move potential employees into the system faster with an automated, digital applicant tracking system. Review and process applications quickly through an intuitive integrated portal.

Maintain Visibility from Applicant to Hire

Easily track potential employees from the application process to the offer. Always have fast access to background checks and compliance information and keep them up-to-date with a employee self-service portal.

Attract Top Candidates

Automated processes improve the ability to screen, interview and hire candidates faster, before the competition can react. An online self-service employee portal for PTO, benefits and paystubs can provide a real competitive edge that others can’t touch.

Reduce Hiring Compliance Risks

Avoid delays, confusion and legal problems with automated compliance tracking for employees. Stay on top of employee training and certificates and avoid a costly error.

Hire faster, better and easier

HR professionals can count on Viewpoint’s integrated construction hiring software to attract better candidates, automate hiring processes, and reduce hiring practice risks.

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