Construction Employee Self-Service Portal

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Why is managing employee information a real business issue?

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Inefficient & Costly Updates

Too much time is spent helping employees manage PTO, benefits and locating paystubs. Plus, printing so many forms takes time and raises costs.

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Reduced Productivity

Employees can’t view and update their own information — or easily tell when changes are made — so instead rely on regular inquiries to HR, which slows down productivity both in the office and the field.

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Increased Risk of Errors

Important and private employee information is often printed and stored in physical folders, increasing the risk of error and misplacing documents between the office and the field.

Increase Efficiency & Empower Employees With Viewpoint's Construction Employee Self-Service Portal

Empowering employees to view and update their own personal information saves time and reduces costs. Ease unnecessary burdens on HR, empower employees to update their information, make elections from mobile devices and enable faster request and approval of PTO.

Increased Efficiency for Employees

Employees can schedule time off and update direct deposit information on their own from the easy-to-use portal, saving company time and resources. The portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any web-enabled device.

Reduced Costs & Increased Sustainability

Accessed via the web, employees can digitally view important documents like, W-2’s, 1095cs, T-4s saving companies thousands in printing costs over time.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

From direct deposit information to benefits election, when employees can view, download and update their own personal information, they rely less on HR staff assistance.

Self-Service Made Simple

Accessed from any web-enabled device, Viewpoint’s construction HR mnagement software reduces costs, creates efficiencies and boosts productivity.

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