Vista Construction Software

Build your business capacity through scalable and integrated financial, operations and project management tools.

Vista™ is a fully-integrated comprehensive construction accounting suite that helps contractors manage all areas of their business — from the Office, among the Team and in the Field. Vista features leading-edge solutions for accounting, project management, business intelligence, project collaboration, mobile, estimating, document management, service management and more.

Benefits of An Integrated, Intuitive Construction ERP

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Transparency and Collaboration

Gain complete project visibility by integrating your office, field and project teams.

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Smarter, Smoother Projects

Reduce risk, improve and standardise workflows and increase project quality.

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Maximise Profits

Meet deadlines by easily managing and tracking RFI’s, transmittals and more.

Vista enables the seamless centralisation of information with complete visibility, providing secure, fully interactive data across your organisation.

Experience a dramatic increase in efficiency and profitability with the most comprehensive construction software solution on the market.

Achieve Stronger Profitability with Powerful Job Costing

Job Cost is — and always has been — at the core of Vista.

Designed to deliver timely, accurate accounting and operations info on job progress, Vista’s Job Cost provides an extensive library of reports and drill-down inquiries.

Enter job budgets and change orders directly in Job Cost, or import from various estimating solutions, including several from Trimble. Report and update your job progress in “units” or “percent complete.”

View immediate cost information and detailed breakdowns to assure every project is under budget and profitable — detailed tracking of job or contract items, change orders, labor, equipment and materials, etc. can now be easily accomplished.

Take the Guesswork out of Service Management

We know how valuable ongoing service work can be to your business. Vista lets service contractors easily streamline back-office processes, while empowering field techs to perform stellar service work.

Manage service agreements, streamline service dispatching and provide mobile construction work order tools so your techs can get more done in fewer steps, while the office gets realtime information on their jobs.

You can simplify your billing with the flexibility to bill your customers as they require, all while you boost productivity and business line profitability.

Find Your Construction Equipment Management ‘Sweet Spot’

Vista helps equipment managers to better track and understand when equipment usage, maintenance and repairs are costing more than asset replacement.

Vista allows you to easily track construction equipment location and usage, with single-step data entry and flexible revenue rates and category assignments. View monthly calculations of book depreciation with fixed asset schedules.

Easily schedule preventative maintenance for your equipment fleet, with alerts when service or repairs are needed. Vista gives you the power to protect your company’s biggest capital assets.

Remove the Burden from HR Management and Payroll

Streamline your everyday human resources management and efficiently facilitate complex construction payroll processes using Vista’s integrated construction HR management and payroll processes.

Vista provides an open database structure for maximum flexibility in sorting and reporting data. Create a secure, confidential virtual filing cabinet of all employee data, records and tracking information, with the ability to pull up and adjust records in real time.

Vista automates complex union payroll processes and untangles multi-state, multi-company work, federal, state and contractual construction payroll requirements — so you can focus on the people who really need your attention.

Connect Disconnected Systems for HR Management

Leading contractors are scaling up by connecting disconnected systems and moving away from paper processes for faster and more reliable hiring and onboarding. Allow employees to access earnings and paystubs digitally-focus on getting people ready for projects and not paperwork.

Take Control of Your Projects, Integrated in Real Time

From pre-construction through project closeout, Vista’s integrated project management provides you with deep levels of project insight, backed by accurate, up-to-date data and workflows.

Immediately know whether or not a project is on track or behind by easily viewing submittals, RFIs, potential issues and much more as work occurs rather than weeks or even months later.

Effectively manage subcontractors, mitigate risks and complete projects on-time and on-budget.

Scale Up and Utilize a Digital Onboarding Process

Send a friendly onboarding invitation to new employees while empowering them to fill onboarding forms and complete training online from a mobile device-making onboarding and the employee experience more accurate and efficient.

Speak With an Expert About Vista

Vista is comprehensive and incredibly configurable. Schedule a meeting with one of our construction software experts today to see what Vista can do for you.