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  • In this episode we’re talking to Sam MacPherson to explore a great example of how a “connected platform” is delivering enormous benefits to the construction industry today. And specifically how connected solutions are helping our customers reduce risk & improve cash flows, in an industry that has notoriously tight margins, and where cashflow is so critical.

  • In this episode we’re talking to Ewan Vanzyl, CFO & General Manager, Finance & Risk at construction company Growthbuilt. We explore the key construction industry challenges Ewan is facing and, looking to the future — what challenges and opportunities are on the horizon?

  • Connected, real-time data is what is driving contractors’ business and operational decisions today — powered by cloud-based workflows, mobile applications and analytical and forecasting tools that bring together entire project teams in truly collaborative workspaces. Learn more about connected construction in our 3 part podcast series, where we talk about connected data, connected workflows & connected platforms and how by having all 3 you will be set up for success today & into the future.

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