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  • Road to Recovery: An industry report on the outlook for construction in Australia provides an analysis of the impact of the coronavirus on the construction industry based on a survey of construction workers in May 2021.
  • Contract Valuations are fundamental to effectively managing and delivering upon objectives and targets. Any organisation that aims to effectively manage higher volumes of work, larger and more complex projects, internal and external resources, different territories, or a more diversified project mix requires a solid foundation enabling it to assess project performance and identify potential risk and opportunities as early as possible.
  • According to new research, mining operations around the world are 28 per cent less productive today than they were ten years ago. This whitepaper details the three areas of focus needed to succeed, plus strategies for embedding effective management operating systems at mines, prioritising operational excellence and capabilities development and focusing on innovation.
  • The unique challenges and complexities of the construction and engineering sector, however, make understanding and controlling cash flow even more essential. Any company that can’t accurately manage and forecast its cash flow is potentially headed for troubled waters. But the unique challenges and complexities with the construction and engineering sector make cash flow forecasting essential.
  • In the course of just over a generation, the construction industry has moved from being a relatively static, paper- based sector into one creating and disseminating huge volumes of increasingly mobile structured data. It is instructive to look back at where the industry started on this journey, where it is now, and where it might go in the future. Mobile technology will increasingly be at the heart of all industry processes: it is already a catalyst for capturing data and enabling its real-time re-use; it is set to become the platform through which we interact with that data and discern insights that help us design, develop and maintain a better, more sustainable built environment.
  • Over the past two decades, great strides have been made in revolutionising project delivery processes, and in using technology to enable effective collaboration. Web-based platforms provide a powerful means to centralise information for use throughout project delivery -from the earliest conceptual stages where the project brief needs to be developed, through detailed design and construction, to hand-over of a fully-documented new asset to the owner-operator.
  • Construction projects create a mountain of data. Extracting insights from all that data can be intimidating, but embracing business intelligence can give you the ability to glean meaningful and actionable insights. Complete our quick form to learn more about how your data can give you a measurable competitive edge.
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