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PM Work Center

It has never been easier for Construction Project Managers to access all of their most important project information in one central location in Vista! Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista PM Work Center. For project managers to get access to valuable information they need they can use PM Work Center, which can be added in the options menu, giving project managers quick access to all the projects they have responsibility for. They can narrow data down by specific project manager or by project and status. This functionality extends into being able to easily access projects set up, procurement of materials, change management or document controls for submittals and RFIs. Use the Google like search in the upper right to find specific information. Once you have clicked on an item, you can find related information for that record. For example, if you are looking at an RFI, you can see all pending change orders that are related to that RFI, all other RFIs related to that RFI and all email correspondence related to that RFI, all in one central location. PM Work Center gives construction project managers all of the most important information at their fingertips to complete all of the workflows throughout the day that they need to keeping their jobs on track." To learn more about how Vista can make construction project management easier, visit our website: