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Document Scanning and Page Splitting

You can find more information on Vista by visiting: It’s never been easier to scan, split and organize documents in Vista. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "In today's fast paced world, construction companies are tasked with managing stacks of critical paper-based documentation on a daily basis. To keep up with the need to categorize and store this paper deluge, construction companies often scan a complete batch of many separate documents such as invoices and contracts at the same time. They scan them into a single document. For example, a large PDF file. Splitting those large files into their individual documents and getting those into the proper records in an ERP like Vista has been difficult in the past. Well, no more. Introducing Vista's new page splitter. Immediately upon the completion of a batch scan, the resulting large file can be opened in our new page splitter either directly from the Vista document management module or from the attachment dropdown in the record where you would like to associate and attach the appropriate pages from this larger document. Once the document has been loaded into the page splitter, the user can choose to name the resulting attachment with their choice of names. A user can then select the pages they'd like to have in a specific record and then drag them out into that record in Vista. Once a set of pages have been used to create a new attachment, those pages are shown in a lighter gray color signifying their previous use. Of course, those pages can still be reused if necessary to create as many additional attachments as needed. Another handy part of our new page splitting is you can save the attachment you've selected directly to your computer, as well as to Vista itself. Vista page splitting, a new powerful way to categorize large multi-page documents, only from Viewpoint."