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Vista Auto Trip Scheduling

Interested in learning more about Vista? Click here to visit our website: It can be frustrating to have to schedule recurring service trips. That's why you can now easily schedule a technician to the dispatch board for a recurring time period. To get access to this and other of the latest and greatest Vista enhancements update to the latest Vista version. "Vista Auto Trip Scheduling. When service contractors create an agreement built up of multiple services, they need to appropriately schedule service trips to an agreed time. In the past, there wasn't an easy way to set up trip scheduling on the dispatch board, but now if you enter SM Agreements, an "Auto schedule trip" checkbox has been added to the Info tab. You can update existing services to auto-schedule. In the services, you can indicate that you want auto-scheduled trips for a particular agreement under the schedule tab. Auto-scheduling trip details including dates and preferred technician can be adjusted. Once in the dispatch board, if you select auto-scheduling for a service but don't add a technician, you'll find the trip helpfully added to the recurring pattern day but in the top row, allowing you to later select an available technician. To take advantage of this and all of the other latest and greatest Vista enhancements, make sure you are updated to the latest Vista version and are in Viewpoint's cloud."