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Using Vista's Help Menu

#constructionsoftware #viewpoint #vista #softwaresolution Viewpoint Vista's Help Menu can be used to get you familiarized with forms and navigating core Vista functionality. For more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights, please subscribe! "Vista, using Vista's Help menu. On the Help menu, there are three levels of help to use on a form. Click Module Help to get an overview of the module you are currently in. Scroll down and click on a desired topic to drill into further detail. Click Form Help to get specific information on how to fill out your form and its context. You can also scroll down and click on a desired topic to get further details on your form. To get Field Help to complete your form, click on the desired field and press F1. Now you have context sensitive help to explain the field. You also have a number of additional resources available to you from the Vista Help menu, including Viewpoint Knowledge Base and What's New, to bring you up to date for current and future releases. You can also directly access support from here, including requesting support services or starting a Webex session. Click on email to Viewpoint Support to send a screenshot with your support message. Click on About Viewpoint to get specific information on your current version of Vista and what tax update you're running. Click on Show F3 Overrides to see in bold, which sections of the form have overrides." You can find more information on Viewpoint Vista by visiting: