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    Within project specifications there will typically be a large number of submittals that the main contractor’s team must deliver against. These could range from submitting manufacturer product proposals prior to construction to submitting inspection and test results prior to handover.

    Within NBS Chorus, these submittals can now be exported digitally into a data format that can then be easily imported into Viewpoint Team so that the main contractor may assign these tasks to the relevant member of their team. Within Viewpoint Team these submittals can be tracked, managed and ultimately checked against the specification reference within NBS.

    This feature saves hours or risky and error-prone manual work analysing specifications and re-keying information into the system chosen to manage and track submittals. Hours of work can be saved and the risk of missing contractual items of work can be greatly reduced

    Building information modelling (BIM) has been mandated on UK Government projects. BIM is defined in the ISO 19650 series of standards and focused around the process of producing and delivering digital information in response to exchange information requirements. This joint development from NBS and Viewpoint is helping the industry deliver to the requirements laid out by UK Government with respect to BIM.

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