Contract Manager

The easier way to manage construction contracts

Viewpoint for Projects and Contract Manager offer seamless solutions for ensuring that construction project contracts are accurate and current, simplifying the process like never before.

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Improve client and customer relationships by ensuring that projects stay productive, collaborative, and accurate.

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Manage your legal compliance checks through automated workflows and easily view this information on the dashboard.

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See the bigger project picture and gain full transparency of information and tasks with real time communications.

Contract management is the unsung hero of any construction project.

If your business has a robust contract management process in place, it’ll probably quietly tick along in the background. However, get that process wrong – from contract creation to the later amends– and it can cause a project to fall apart. That leads to increased costs, delays, legal troubles, and project abandonment. Therefore, although it’s often behind the scenes, contract management forms a critical part of any successful project.

Contract Manager caters specifically to the construction industry, with years of expertise in the development and management of construction contracts at its core. It supports all types of construction contracts, including:

  • The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)

  • New Engineering Contract (NEC3 and NEC4)

  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)

  • Other and custom contracts

Contract Manager provides more than compliance. It enables users to flag risks quickly, share them with relevant stakeholders, and mitigate them before they become major issues.

Complete Contract Management

Manage contracts and projects with total visibility of contract data and tasks that need to be completed.

Collaborative Working

Quickly access information on the contract management platform. Each member of the project team can view important actions, documents and other communications from the wider team.

Easy to use

Contract Manager has been designed with you in mind. It is straightforward and intuitive for all capabilities with the entire project at your fingertips.

Risk Control

Keep construction projects on track by being able to manage and sort any risks early on. They can be flagged early, shared with all relevant users and solved before they cause repercussions further down the line.

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