Energy is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. Your team needs the best tools to manage your projects.

Large scale energy projects span time zones. They depend on input from many different stakeholders. They operate in a regulatory landscape that is constantly changing. Not taking control of energy construction management is simply not an option. Viewpoint’s construction management software for energy projects is the solution.

Get the right information at the right time.

Successfully managing large scale energy projects begins and ends with information. Collaborate, reduce risk, and improve your ROI with Viewpoint.

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Large scale energy sector projects by global energy companies usually have many offices in many time zones. Viewpoint construction software for energy projects makes collaboration borderless.

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When your project managers are miles away from your engineers, architects and site supervisors, cloud-based collaboration is the solution.

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Keep your finger on the pulse with Viewpoint construction management software for energy projects. Get real time updates, manage issues as they happen, and react faster when you need to.

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

Energy is one of the most regulated industries in the world, and those regulations only get more complex over time. Viewpoint’s construction management software for energy projects lets you mitigate risk, manage compliance, and avoid incidents or penalties.

Simpler Project Communication

If your project communication is a patchwork of emails, faxes, phone calls and paperwork, things are falling through the cracks. Viewpoint’s construction software for energy projects is a complete communication solution and a single source of truth.

Improve Information Flow

Viewpoint software is a completely cloud based, hosted, and managed solution for all your energy project information management needs. That means you can implement it quickly, with no change to your IT infrastructure.

Fossil Fuels to Sustainable Energy and More

Energy is an exciting, ever-changing industry. Where oil and gas used to be the dominant force in the industry, sustainable energy including wind farms, solar farms and more are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Viewpoint works with energy companies across the spectrum, offering construction management software for energy projects of all types and sizes.

Our suite of proven construction management solutions is perfect for energy projects, where teams might be continents apart.

Field View has proved instrumental in providing us and helping us maintain a quality system and record system that is fit for purpose. Through the records produced, it delivers consistency, transparently and full visibility, both for us and for our client.

— Alina Turda, Quality Systems Engineer, BYLOR

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