Construction Document Management Software

Construction document and drawing management software designed for complete document control.

A document management solution designed for construction’s unique needs.

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Manage Your Documents

Share, manage and collaborate on construction documents through a single platform

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Complete Visibility

Construction document management that gives control and security.

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Track Project Progress

Generate detailed reports at the click of the button to see project document activity insights

Why do you need better document and drawing management?

The construction industry is one that is fraught with documents, data, and people. Expecting this information to be easily communicated via email or print outs is a surefire way to misplace information, work on outdated documents, or lose visibility on approvals. When handling sensitive information, you need to be able to put a folder structure in place that stops unwanted eyes viewing certain documents without slowing down the project. That’s exactly where a common data environment can help.

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With Viewpoint for Projects, users have access to the information they need at the right time, to make quick, informed decisions… Compared to the traditional process of working, it saves us about a week on each package submission.

- Nohman Awan, Digital Construction Lead, Balfour Beatty

Full Document Control

Complete file management for construction. Manage permissions, document visibility, and approvals through a purpose-built document management system.

I would recommend both Field View and Viewpoint For Projects particularly because the solution is very flexible. You can mold it to what your project requires.

— Ben Jowett, BIM Information Manager, Willmott Dixon

Version Control

Be sure that all team members are working to the correct document with robust version control. Work to the latest document without losing previous versions, compare and contrast revision differences, and trace all activity back to author and source.

Single Source of Truth

Having submittals, RFIs, and drawings all come through a single solution means that information is reliable and up-to-date. Not only does this create an audit trail from the first transmittal, it saves time spent on correspondence management for the document controller.

Live Document Collaboration

Bring Microsoft 365 into your workspace and collaborate live on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files by viewing and editing documents from within Viewpoint For Projects.

Markup and Revisions

Avoid lengthy email chains by allowing users to annotate, stamp and sign off drawings digitally without leaving the system. Not only does this prevent delays, it also keeps data centralised and easy to trace.

Access Control

The customisable workflows ensure that certain construction documents are only shared with those who need to see them, when they need to see them. Relevant team members can block documents from progressing and rectify issues before moving through the next stage of the workflow. Hierarchies of account permissions can be set at both enterprise and folder level.

Document Control

Built from the ground up and designed to be a complete file management solution specifically for construction. Manage permissions, document visibility, and document approvals through a purpose-built document management system. Over 400 file types are supported for upload, meaning every bit of vital product information can be stored together.

Secure and Unlimited Document Storage

Unlike a traditional filing cabinet system, our solutions have unlimited storage backed up by robust security measures to make sure your project data is entire and safe – long after project completion.

Centralised Issue Management

Having project data in a single solution ensures that when issues do get flagged, they can be resolved quickly and not bring the project to a standstill. Action items and updates can be communicated quickly with various project teams without downtime.

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