Whether it’s building roads or upgrading a harbour, infrastructure management software puts you in control.

Manage challenges with confidence. Collaborate with diverse, geographically distant teams. Keep your civil projects on track and within budget.

Better infrastructure project management means better results.

Give your team the tools they need to keep their finger on the pulse every step of the way.

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Give managers, accountants and other office based key role players easy access to project data when they need it.

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Project Team

Collaborate easily with your design, estimating and project management team. Share key documents securely, capture data easily, and communicate instantly.

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Keep your people on the ground up to date with the latest documents, drawings, and schedule information, as you have them. Capture information from your infrastructure project sites quickly and easily.

Secure Data In the Cloud

Viewpoint’s infrastructure management software is completely cloud based, so it’s accessible everywhere. It has robust custom security options, so your data is always secure.

Better Field Management

Successfully managing field teams on big infrastructure project is a full-time job. Viewpoint’s management software for infrastructure projects lets you monitor job progress, health, and safety compliance and more, from one easy to use dashboard.

Streamlined Project Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of success in infrastructure construction. Viewpoint software for infrastructure project management makes both easier, faster, and more secure.

Tackle the Biggest Projects with Confidence

Infrastructure construction projects are in a league of their own.

They usually have the biggest budgets, and often, they take years or even decades to complete. That means that they also come with some unique challenges, because the team that starts the project won’t be the same one that finishes it.

Viewpoint construction software for infrastructure projects is designed to create a complete, comprehensive, and accurate archive and history of everything that happens on your project, for the full project life cycle.

That means that even when people come and go, even when big changes are made, and even when it’s been a long time since you started, you always have the information you need.

Do You Have Questions?

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