Simplifying Processes for Consultants

Whether consulting or designing on one project, a single process or an entire portfolio, how consultants control and manage the flow of information, communication and processes is important, particularly when dealing with BIM. Viewpoint for Projects is a unique collaboration software toolset that enables consultants to easily manage their specific project requirements.

Take Control of Your Projects with Viewpoint for Projects

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Complete Collaboration

Viewpoint for Projects gives project consultants complete visibility and control, as well as an audit trail of information among disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers.

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Work Smarter, Earn More

Save significant time and mitigate project risks by ensuring you’re working with the most up-to-date data. Viewpoint for Projects provides one version of the truth to the entire project team to ensure the work you do has impact and doesn’t have to be repeated or redone.

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Simplifying BIM and Other Standards

Fully understand and manage compliance with construction standards and regulations. Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy to work through BIM other standards and ensure your projects are in full compliance.

Secure Online Collaboration

Viewpoint for Projects is a collaborative project management solution entire project teams use to improve communications, workflow, mobility and decision-making. Designed to connect people, information and processes, Viewpoint for Projects can help you save time and money, improve control and reduce risk.

Audit Trails to Reduce Errors and Mitigate Risk

Maintain a clear audit trail and transparent workflows to ensure consistency and compliance. Keep projects moving and mitigate errors, risks and conflicts by keeping everyone on the same page at all times.

One System, One Data Set

As an integrated software platform Viewpoint for Projects, lets you work from one set of data at all times. No more worrying about getting disparate software solutions to “talk” to each other or manually rekeying data from one system to another.

Do You Have Foremost Questions?

Viewpoint has a solution. We’d be glad to talk about how Viewpoint may fit your needs as a consultant.