A Quality Management System for Construction

Proactively prevent defects and improve quality standards on each construction project.

Using an effective quality management system (QMS) is something that will pay dividends in both time and money saved. Start putting corrective and preventive action into practice to bring a higher finish and shared accountability to construction projects.

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Prevent Defects

Get the quality right first time with improved site processes

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Trend Analysis

Identify and correct hot spots before they become an issue to the project

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Full Audit Trail

Capture accurate site data throughout the project and after its completion

The forms that we produce on Field View, the detail that we can produce in our forms for our quality inspections and our health and safety inspections is paramount.

— Josh Gifford, Contracts Manager, Middlesex Ltd

Non-conformance reports (NCRs)

Go one step further with non-conformance reports by using them to detail an issue, how it occurred, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Quality Inspection Checklists and Reports

Live checklist forms that can be used to generate tasks for outstanding jobs or snags found. This makes it easier to deliver a snag-free project and allows for a speedier handover.

Geo-located image capture

Automatically attach critical information to each completed task to prevent any confusion later on. This audit trail helps to create a culture of accountability and getting the job right first time.

Quality Management Compliance

A centralised management system makes it easier to control and manage quality. Ensure forms and checklists stay compliant by making any updates quickly and rolling out across the team.

Task Notifications

Work through hold points and witness points quicker by being alerted to outstanding task progress, newly created tasks, and overall project task progress.

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