General Contractor Software

The Right Technology for Your Business

Viewpoint general contractor software solutions give you real-time insight and control over critical project parameters. Reduce risk, increase productivity and profitability and deliver what your clients need.

Construction project data at your fingertips.

Viewpoint’s user-friendly construction software for general contractors gives you all the information you need when you need it. Share and collaborate instantly from the field to the project management office and back again.

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Knowledge is power. Communication is critical to successful construction projects, and Viewpoint’s general contractor software makes sharing information easy.

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Single Source of Truth

Viewpoint’s general contractor software makes document and version control simple and accurate. Your team will always be working with the latest information.

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BIM Level 2 Compliant

Master risk management with Viewpoint’s BIM Level 2 compliant tools and help your team to stay on schedule every step of the way.

I would recommend Field View and Viewpoint For Projects particularly because the product is very flexible. You can mold it to what your project requires.

— BIM Information Manager, Willmott Dixon

Change the Way You Work with General Contractor Software

Maximise productivity, reduce delays, increase profits and meet customer expectations. Viewpoint’s general contractor software gives you all the tools you need.

One Step Ahead with the Right Construction Software

Why wait for problems to happen? Stay up to date with every construction site in real-time with an easy-to-use dashboard. Track issues and create solutions before they delay your project.

Works Wherever You Do

Viewpoint’s general contractor software solutions are fully cloud-based and accessible everywhere. Therefore, your team can take the office with them wherever they work.

Comprehensive Construction Software

Why try to make your projects work with a patchwork of software and paperwork? Viewpoint general contractor software brings it all together in one easy-to-use, customisable package.

Project Data at a Glance

Real-time project data gives everyone on your team the information they need to make critical decisions. Time is money, and Viewpoint helps you to cut the time between identifying a problem and creating a solution.

We’re saving £750 to £1,000 per day– so over a 51 week construction period this really adds up to a significant savings.

— Information and Communications Technology Manager, GMI Construction Group

Flexible Software Solutions for General Contractors

Managing construction projects is a complex task with many people and lots of moving parts.

Viewpoint general contractor software solutions have been built on decades of industry insight and hands-on experience, so it solves every project management problem your team faces. Whether you need help managing productivity, tracking health and safety information, managing resources or something else, there is a Viewpoint solution for you.

Our flexible range of software solutions for general contractors can be combined to meet your unique needs, so you only get the software you need for your team.

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Viewpoint provides a flexible general contractor software solution that grows and scales with you. Let’s talk about how we can build the platform you need to get the job done.