Education / Health

Healthcare facilities, schools and other public projects are held to high standards. Leverage integrated software to deliver end projects that raise the quality bar.

When the project is complete, you can take particular pride in a job and a process well done. Reduce project costs without sacrificing quality and transform your business.

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Deliver stronger projects, faster with back-office solutions that automate workflows, provide real-time project analysis and seamlessly connect with field and project teams.

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Working together is imperative in education, healthcare — and construction. Viewpoint expands collaboration across entire project teams, while simplifying the processes, from document control and sharing to communication workflows and beyond.

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Take control of your field processes, from compliance management to jobsite reporting to risk management. Access relevant data needed in real time to keep work moving, workers productive and projects closed out with ease.

Operate within Code and Regulations

The highly-regulated world of heath and educational construction offers unique challenges for builders. With Viewpoint's software solutions, reduce risk while staying within code and regulation.

Improve Communication

Synchronise all parties involved in your health or education construction project. Collaborate in real-time and share information with who you want, when you want.

Document Management

Between the architects, contractors, office and regulators, easily share documents when changes happen and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information, on any device.

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