Construction Software for Builders

Whether you are a house builder or a developer, your project and construction management needs are unique. Viewpoint understands the challenges of completing fast-paced projects with a multitude of teams and budgets. It’s why our construction software for builders is designed to be faster, simpler and more intuitive.

Time is money. Our construction software for builders is designed to be a faster, better way to manage your building business.

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Management Teams

Whether its project management, operations, or something else, Viewpoint construction software for builders gives non-core team members easy access to critical project data.

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Project Team

Make managing project managers, communications and documents simple. Reduce errors, manage workflows, mitigate risk and increase productivity.

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Two-way real-time communication via Viewpoint’s construction software builders eliminates information bottlenecks. Ensure that your field teams have the latest drawings and information. Receive site diaries, change orders, health and safety documents and more as soon as they are uploaded, with no paperwork required.

I can’t see any reason, no matter what scale of project, why a house builder wouldn’t be using Field View.

— Project Director, St George


Collaboration on construction projects is always critical, but it matters even more, when timelines are tight, budgets are smaller, and resources are limited. Our construction software for builders keeps everyone in the loop.

Document Control

No one likes paperwork – especially when they’re trying to get a building project done on time. Viewpoint construction software for builders makes it easy for your team to share project documents and gives you a single source of truth. Advanced granular security means you also have complete control over who can access anything.

Risk Management

Viewpoint construction software for builders gives your team the tools to identify, mitigate and manage risks. It also lets you create audit logs and photographic references that satisfy Part L requirements.

Field View allows us to take the office out of the office and on to the site.

— Quality and Process Manager, Domis Property Group

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

The best construction software for builders is streamlined and contains all the tools and features your team needs and nothing they don’t.

It’s easy to use and intuitive and doesn’t take long to master or implement.

Viewpoint understands that house builders and developers face unique challenges in balancing project management and getting the job done, so we’ve built our software around that idea.

Our advanced technology makes managing building projects easier, increases productivity and maximises profits.

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