Construction Software for Clients

Whether you’re a project or facility owner or operator overseeing a government project or something else, staying up to date with project information is critical. Viewpoint offers clients a suite of construction software that makes it easy to stay in control.

Viewpoint For Projects keeps clients up to date in real-time while allowing professional teams to get the job done.

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Built for Collaboration

Executing a successful project from concept to completion is a monumental undertaking. Viewpoint For Projects is construction software for clients that allows you to collaborate every step of the way. Whether it’s managing contracts, project management or document and workflow management, Viewpoint For Projects does it all.

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Streamlining Closeout and Handover

One of the biggest challenges any project owner or client faces on any project is successfully compiling closeout documents and completing final handover. Viewpoint For Projects construction software for clients ensures that proper documentation and information management is completed through the whole project lifecycle. So when you’re winding up the project, it’s simply a matter of tying up loose ends.

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Better Standards Management

Construction standards like BIM have dramatically improved project outcomes, but they do add to the work of managing projects. Viewpoint For Projects construction software for clients is designed to make managing compliance with standards simpler and consistent, with complete control for your management team.

Public Sector

Managing projects in the public sector is particularly challenging. Not only do you answer to internal stakeholders, but you also have to manage public funds and expectations. Viewpoint For Projects construction software for clients is designed to meet all of your requirements and security considerations. It’s the only CESG security accredited SAAS web solution in the UK, incorporates BIM and IPD project management tools, and offers flexible options for all levels of government.

Private Sector

In private sector construction, time really is money. Whether you have one project or dozens, keeping your finger on the pulse is critical to maximising profits. Every moment that you don’t have the latest information from your team delays the solution. Viewpoint For Projects gives your team real-time information about risks, progress, logistics, resources and more. View critical data at a glance via the Viewpoint construction software for clients’ dashboard, so you can make the right decisions to keep your projects on track and on budget.

Energy Sector

Projects in the energy sector present unique challenges. Geographical isolation, global teams and challenging regulations combine to demand another layer of project management. Viewpoint For Projects offers construction software for clients that simplifies processes, improves collaborations, mitigates risks and increases productivity. That’s why Viewpoint For Projects is the software of choice for so many industry leaders.

It's estimated somewhere in the region of £2m and 30,000 man hours saved using Field View

— Surveillance Systems Lead, EDF Energy

Complete Control for Clients

Even when you’ve hired the best project team, completed feasibility studies and received bids from competent contractors, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your construction projects. Viewpoint For Projects is construction software for clients that allow you to have an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard that gives you all the most critical project information as it happens.

Information and timing are two of the essential factors in construction project success, and the cloud-based, advanced collaborative tools in the Viewpoint For Projects suite keep you in the know.

Need to Know More?

No matter what industry sector you work in, if you need construction software for clients, Viewpoint For Projects is for you. Contact our team to discuss your needs and book a demo.

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