Snagging and Defect Management Software

Field View: The Trusted Snagging Software for Construction Projects

Field View makes handing over a snag-free project simple.

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Profitable projects

Less time spent fixing issues before handover means more money saved per project.

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Increased quality

Handover a snag-free project on-time and on-budget.

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Better reputation

Repeatable quality helps you to strengthen your client relationships

Snagging and Defect Management Software

You're probably here because you believe paperless snag lists are the way to go -- and you're right. By using Field View, you can assign tasks and check project progress in real-time. No more going back and forth from the office to site, it's right there at your fingertips.

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It’s easier to control the program, easier to control costs, and it’s easier to track snags being closed out.

— Project Director, Berkeley Homes

Close snags out faster

Capture and correct snags as they happen with our snagging tool rather than playing catch up with end-of-day site diaries and project administration.

Create and assign tasks

Automatically assign tasks to be completed on the snagging list to the relevant teammate within Field View.

Customisable checklists and forms templates

Recreate any of your current lists or forms in Field View to enhance how you record information on site without the overhaul of your team's current processes.

See live project progress

Control what's happening on your construction site at any one point by gaining a fully live picture of the project.

Deliver a snag-free project

Grow and maintain business partnerships by consistently guaranteeing snag-free project closeouts.

On this project we’ve added 15,000 items into Field View, which would have been very difficult to manage on a paper-based system. We’ve managed to close out 12,000 of them and I don’t believe we would have been able to do this without using Field View

— Senior construction manager, Mace

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