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  • 28 Hands

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    Mail Manager from 28Hands (part of the Arup Group) is an Outlook add-in which is the leading email management solution within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Mail Manager was developed by Arup to help reduce the risk of losing critical project correspondence and help save time hunting for the information contained within emails.

    Using a unique AI engine, Mail Manager will prompt staff to file emails and predict where the email should be stored. You can then find any email on any project with the powerful search engine, which will search 1 million emails in less than 2 seconds. Mail Manager integrates with Viewpoint For Projects to help AEC businesses easily file and search their emails with greater efficiency.

    Over 50,000 users across the globe now use Mail Manager to increase productivity, reduce risk, better manage their projects and regain control of their email. Mail Manager is simple to deploy, maintain and provides a significant return on investment.

    Jacob Wardrop
    Sales Director

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  • ActivePlan

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    ActivePlan provides BIM applications that fill the gaps between briefing, design, construction, handover and operations, making the specification of asset information requirements and generation of the coordinated data much easier. We do this via reusable libraries that standardise data and save time and cost.

    We enable Viewpoint users to help clients define their asset information needs more clearly (more than COBie) and issue them in a form that can read into the Master Information Delivery Plan by system/package, automatically validate the submissions and federate the (many) COBie files. As well as a data set, the AIR is generated as documents and spreadsheets to satisfy procurement processes.

    We are Autodesk developers, using the APIs of Revit, Navis, AutoCAD and Forge to integrate spatial information with Cloud-based SQL applications managing asset data so those specialist contractors who have to provide as-installed data do not need to use any 3D modelling application. This spatial model can help users of Field View more clearly plan where they need to go and provide data templates on what needs collecting and the AP Product Library can connect with the Field View 360 photos to verify handover, create a schedule of assets

    George Stevenson
    Managing Director

  • Cabinets document management for AEC and Engineering work in progress began life in 2003 to help organisations effectively manage CAD drawings, project files, office documents and associated project data to a defined standard. An intuitive, easy to use system that is familiar to the end user with its Windows look and feel offers complete control and efficiency gains.

    Cabinet automates the day to day manual error prone tasks such as searching for files, file naming, review / approval process, revisioning and collaborating with external parties. With its flexible approach to configuration Cabinet can work for any organisation helping you to save time and money.

    With the growth of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the AEC industry (Architectural, Engineering and Construction), our software has evolved and is now the first choice BIM compliant document management system or Architects and Engineers.

    Fully integrated with AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, Revit, Bentley MicroStation and MS Office, Cabinet ships with the BS EN ISO 19650 standard helping organisations drive compliancy to BIM Level 2 whilst reducing time spent on document control.

    An on-premise solution offering full document lifecycle workflow including revision controls from work in progress (WIP), through to sharing and automatically publishing stages of the document to Viewpoint for Projects. Where Cabinet is used, Viewpoint for Projects customers can be assured of accurate BIM Level 2 complaint data saving you time and possible rework.

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  • NBS

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    Within project specifications there will typically be a large number of submittals that the main contractor’s team must deliver against. These could range from submitting manufacturer product proposals prior to construction to submitting inspection and test results prior to handover.

    Within NBS Chorus, these submittals can now be exported digitally into a data format that can then be easily imported into Viewpoint Team so that the main contractor may assign these tasks to the relevant member of their team. Within Viewpoint Team these submittals can be tracked, managed and ultimately checked against the specification reference within NBS.

    This feature saves hours or risky and error-prone manual work analysing specifications and re-keying information into the system chosen to manage and track submittals. Hours of work can be saved and the risk of missing contractual items of work can be greatly reduced

    Building information modelling (BIM) has been mandated on UK Government projects. BIM is defined in the ISO 19650 series of standards and focused around the process of producing and delivering digital information in response to exchange information requirements. This joint development from NBS and Viewpoint is helping the industry deliver to the requirements laid out by UK Government with respect to BIM.

  • Sempre Analytics are the leading Field View partner for data integration management and visualisation. Our Analytics for Field View solution provides a range of dashboards, reports and KPIs allowing users to report, share and analyse their captured on-site data. Sempre’s Analytics for Field View solution helps you to identify trends, deliver cross-project reporting, and integrate Field View data into existing systems.

    Neil Harvie
    Services Director

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