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  • Whether you are a contractor or a client, procuring services from your supply chain is a key part of the construction industry process. Join Benedict Wallbank of Viewpoint, who examines how Viewpoint For Projects can help, including:

  • Join Ben Wallbank, BIM Strategy Manager at Viewpoint Construction Software, for this informative webinar to the Association of General Contractors.

  • Benedict Wallbank, BIM Strategy Manager at Viewpoint, hosts an interesting and informative "future-gazing" webinar looking beyond BIM Level 2 and what might inform what Level 3 will be. We have a long way to go until we reach the peak of the "Sharable Structured Data Mountain."

  • Thomas Lane, technical editor at Building magazine, and Viewpoint's Ben Wallbank discuss the current construction software landscape and how new technology and processes, particularly around BIM, are helping organisations deliver projects better.

  • By April 2016 the bulk of the £40bn government commissioned construction projects will be tendered with Level 2 BIM deliverables. Unless you are Level 2 BIM compliant you will be ineligible for this public sector work. Moreover, large parts of the private sector are following suit meaning a broadening client base is beginning to pull in the same direction. Join Ben Wallbank, BIM Strategy Manager at Viewpoint, to find out what you need to do stay in the mix for BIM projects.

  • Barie Hasib, Managing Director BIM REC, and Benedict Wallbank, BIM Strategy Manager at Viewpoint present what a good BIM client should do... and of equal importance, what to do when they don't. Learn in detail the standards of BIM, what employers are supposed to do, what is actually happening, and what you should do if the employer has not done what they should.

  • Iain Withers, senior reporter at Building magazine speaks to everything you need to achieve a successful BIM project, joined by Peter Barker, Managing Director at BIM Academy; Colin Williams, Building Information and Modeling Expert at MD Cadnet Limited; Steve Spark, Managing Director EMEA; and John Adams, architect.

  • Construction News has assembled a distinguished panel to analyze the devil in the detail for the government mandate for all public projects using BIM for means of increasing efficiency and reducing costs of projects. Gain a deep understanding of the importance and challenges of BIM from subject matter experts.