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  • In this Take 15 webinar we discuss how you can utilise Viewpoint For Projects virtual containers to reduce errors, save time and improve project management by packaging items for different purposes, while maintaining one version of the truth.
  • Panelists discuss how, through the influence of a mentor, women in construction gain the guidance and support needed to succeed.
  • In this webinar Andy Almey, Director of RED Jam, shares how he has been working with specialist glazing contractor and Viewpoint customer RED Systems, utilising digital technology to create safe systems of work to combat COVID-19, as well as produce efficiencies and savings for the business.
  • It was recently announced by the UK government that construction workers are ‘actively encouraged’ to return to site as part of plans to restart the economy while containing the spread of COVID-19. Join this Take 15 webinar as we discuss how the construction industry can utilise Field View to create health and safety forms to comply with working conditions outlined by the UK government and help ensure the safety of all employees. Through a product demo you will learn how to raise a COVID-19 form, associate a task against a form and get insight into the reporting function of Field View.
  • Watch this 0n-demand webinar as we discuss how housebuilders and contractors can protect their bottom line by improving quality control and snagging through the adoption of technology. We look at how our customer – Berkeley Homes improved control on costs, tasks and time followed by a product demo of Viewpoint Field View
  • Many companies in the construction industry are still using traditional pen and paper methods on site, which inevitably leads to errors. According to the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI), 21% of construction industry turnover is spent on correcting poor quality. If you are interested in digitising quality processes in the field download this webinar as we discuss how you can reduce rework and ultimately improve your bottom line through a real world subcontractor case study followed by a product demo of Viewpoint Field View.
  • Following the introduction of ISO 19650, now seems like a good time to reset and take a closer look at how conforming to the UK BIM Framework (what we used to know as BIM Level 2) is now defined. Join Ben Wallbank, BIM Strategy & Partnerships Manager at Viewpoint to learn more about the journey to ISO 19650 and how the standard will affect organisations BIM projects going forward.
  • Whilst a good deal of political attention has focused on the need to increase the rate of house building, alongside this are growing concerns about the quality of the houses under development.
  • A short webinar by Gary Ross, Head of BIM at NM Group.
  • Daniel Wilkinson talks through the handover stage of a construction project including tackling information management tasks both in the project office and getting best use of data from on-site mobile and field applications.