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  • Part L regulatory changes and updates have introduced significant shifts in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability standards, impacting the built environment. This webinar will explore the intricacies of the latest Part L changes and provide the insights needed to effectively manage and deliver projects in this evolving landscape.

  • The construction industry has recently witnessed a renewed focus on building safety and accountability. The Building Safety Act and the concept of the Golden Thread have emerged as crucial pillars in ensuring safer buildings. This webinar explores how Viewpoint Field View, integrated with QR code technology, can streamline compliance processes and improve safety through enhanced efficiency and accuracy in data management, inspections, and maintenance processes.

  • The role of data in the construction sector has never been more significant. In this webinar, we focus on the partnership between Trimble Viewpoint and Microsoft and how it addresses the challenges and opportunities related to data interoperability in the construction software market. Our panel delves into the broad challenge of data interoperability, which is becoming increasingly critical as the industry adopts multiple software products and serves various market sectors. They discuss how the Viewpoint Trimble-Microsoft partnership helps address these challenges and promotes data fluidity, enabling seamless collaboration across different software platforms and market segments. The webinar also explores the potential interoperability issues that arise when sharing data between major players such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Participants will gain insights into how the Viewpoint Trimble-Microsoft partnership could address these challenges and facilitate smoother data exchange.

  • It is undeniable that the construction industry is in for a year of flux. With the broader economy in a state of turmoil, it is imperative the sector understands its own position and the changes this might drive. In this session, we looked at the construction economic forecast, as well as the industry context that informs it. We dived into what this means for construction, the trends it will drive and the sector to watch. We also explored the innovations this may drive, the barriers to their adoption and how these can be overcome.

  • In this session we will explore what is happening today and if construction is heading towards success or failure in terms of its prefabrication goals. Our panel of experts will discuss different pre-fabrication approaches, how they enable improved efficiency and whether the sector is able to scale up this type of delivery. They will also explore the role pre-fabrication can play in driving improved quality and safety, as well as supporting sustainability goals.

  • Andy Almey and Matthew Cawdron, at RedJAM consultancy discuss how mutual RedJAM and Trimble customer, Sigmat has implemented Field View alongside continuous improvement practices. The webinar features a live demo of how Sigmat is using dashboards to great effect by utilising the Field View API.

  • David Thornhill, of Wates Group, discussed how his company is currently using Trimble Viewpoint’s Field View—our tablet-based mobile field management solution. He taught himself how to create specialized APIs in order to gain even more data power from Field View and shared some handy tips for fellow Field View customers who wish to get started with APIs themselves.

  • Marc Pickering, Digital Construction Manager of Engie/EQUANS, walked the audience through EQUANS technology transformation journey from what persuaded his company to begin looking for software all the way to how it is utilising Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) today.

  • In this session, we look towards technology’s opportunity in the sector and the wider context of the recent Part L requirements. The panel of industry experts discusses the wider-reaching implications of Part L and how the industry can use this as an opportunity to modernise and improve.

  • Watch our panel explore what the Part L changes mean from a net zero perspective, who needs to be following the adjusted regulations; and what firms can do to comply. They will discuss topics including: What is Part L and why it matters; a Summary of the changes effective from June 15 and who they apply to; and - The role of digital technology for Part L compliance.