Harringtons Builders PLC Implement Field View to Streamline Health, Safety & QA Processes

Using Viewpoint Field View

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Harringtons Builders PLC is a leading national construction company successfully delivering projects across the UK. Formed in 1967, the company provides an extensive range of specialist services covering all aspects of ground engineering operations.


  • Disorganised file repository
  • Paper-based file management
  • Inefficient staff training
  • Manually producing reports


  • Reduction in paper usage
  • Reduced errors
  • Invaluable project insights
  • Improved client collaboration


Before implementing Field View, Harrington Builders relied on paper-based systems. This approach posed several challenges, particularly related to training site teams and management staff on site processes. This system was difficult to manage and control, and it had become a disorganised repository for various documents. Harringtons needed a method of working that would align with ISO certifications and support their goal of reducing paper consumption on their projects. In addition to this, Harringtons were looking for a solution that could meet their clients' requirements and integrate well with existing systems.


Field View was chosen as the preferred solution due to its alignment with their needs and goals. It offered the necessary functionality to support the implementation of a robust QA management system and health and safety processes. Change management became a big focus during the transition to Field View to provide employees with reassurance and address concerns about its implementation and use.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and Field View has aligned perfectly to these business goals

Ricky Hibbert, ICT Manager

Uses of Field View

Scott Carr, Director of Health, Safety & Environment, says that implementing Field View has provided a host of benefits for Harringtons, “collaboration has been improved since the introduction of Field View, through both the visibility of information and also the approval systems”. On-site progress can now be shared with the wider team in one place, so various teams can log in and see where the project sits at any one time. For those that are office-based, this means they can gain a clear live view of the project before entering the site, saving vital time.

Time savings was also highlighted as a key benefit, with Carr stating that the use of Field View allows supervisors to allocate more time to valueadded work, rather than compiling and chasing administrative tasks.

As sustainability becomes a key focus for many in construction, Harringtons are no exception. Ricky Hibbert, ICT Manager, recognised the importance of moving away from paper-based systems and transitioning to paperless, “we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and Field View has aligned perfectly to these business goals” says Hibbert.


Field View has brought real value to Harringtons across various areas. It has helped to save costs by reducing expenses from managing and controlling documents, as well as automatically generating reports and conducting audits. It has also saved time at the work site, enabling smoother and more efficient operations. When back in the office, it has minimised errors in document management, reporting, and recording non-conformances by streamlining existing processes. And perhaps most importantly, it has empowered their teams with actionable insights by providing access to document reviews and site information in advance, allowing them to make betterinformed decisions.

By adopting Field View, Harringtons Builders has been able to modernise and optimise their health & safety and environmental processes, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better collaboration with their clients. The transition to a digital solution has aligned with their sustainability goals, enabling them to move toward a greener future.

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