Site Management

Resource management is critical on a construction site. Projects involve lots of small teams working on different timelines. As a site manager, it's' critical to gain real-time visibility into the status of a project.

How can Viewpoint help you improve productivity on-site? Manage the construction site effectively from toolbox talks, daywork sheets, snag lists, site inspection processes and more.

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Resource Management

Organise multiple small teams with ease.

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Construction Site Control

Instantly see project progress and catch any tasks that may be falling behind before they delay the project.

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Project Reports

Share critical project information with external parties such as SAP accessors through the use of dashboards and reports.

Your Next Big Construction Project: A Big Success

You can streamline your business, stay on target and save time with Viewpoint construction field productivity software.

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Bring Your Office On-Site

Viewpoint Field View is a construction site management app that allows workers to capture, share and report site progress. Field View allows contractors to quickly resolve issues, mitigate risks, and deliver higher quality projects.

Field View makes it so much easier to track when snags are closed out. It allows us to control the program a lot more.

— Colin Draper, Project Director, St George Homes

Electronic construction site management

Digitise common paper-based site forms and processes, such as checklists, toolbox talks, snag lists, permits and more. These can be configured from pre-existing templates or custom forms.

Project Visibility and Team Performance

Task workflows can be created so each team can deliver quality in the most efficient ways. Daily reports can be generated to update site managers on progress and alert to any areas that might need attention.

Building Control

Seamlessly manage relationships with building control, SAP accessors and insurers. Create reports and dashboards to be shared externally to communicate important project information.

Timesheets and Daywork Sheets

Dashboards and reports will show you how efficient your project is, and how well your project teams perform when resolving issues.

Site Safety and Permits

Enterprise or project level analysis to evaluate subcontractor performance, measure project progress, identify issues before they impact your schedule and more.

Photo Evidencing and Auditing

Ensure that your projects are being completed to the highest standards, using audit photos and photo evidence to adhere to compliance and quality checks.

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