Site Management Software for Construction

Construction site management that allows you to control construction projects safely and efficiently.

Construction site management software is a must-have for those in construction. It provides a centralised platform to manage every aspect on site, from task management and scheduling to reporting and close out.

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Reduce Rework

Proactively identify and fix snags before they disrupt the project

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Increase Efficiency

Better task management and scheduling tools to reduce resource waste

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Enhance Collaboration

Clear and accurate project communication between office and site

Why do you need better site management?

The construction site is fast-paced, constantly changing, and full of different construction teams. Keeping track of who’s doing what and how they’re doing it can be tricky if you’re doing it manually. Then add in the overarching need to make projects compliant, keep people safe on site, and still turn a profit, and it can feel near impossible. A site management solution is like having an extra site manager by your side to handle the admin and project management aspects of the project.

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Field View makes it so much easier to track when snags are closed out. It allows us to control the program a lot more.

Colin Draper, Project Director, St George Homes

Task Management

Assign tasks to specific team members with clear deadlines and priorities. Track task progress from creation to completion in real-time and ensure everyone is on the same page.


Create and maintain a detailed on-site schedule, with easy visibility of resource allocation and outstanding tasks. Analyse the status of the project and quickly identify risk areas before they derail a project.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Create easy communication between the office and site team with annotations and comments on forms and tasks. Ensure all project stakeholders are seeing the live progress, updates, and overview.

Golden Thread

Maintain a complete audit trail of all project activities for improved transparency and accountability. Ensure everyone has access to the latest information, reducing errors and rework on site.

Site Diary

Record daily site activities, including weather conditions, safety incidents, and progress updates without having to leave the site.

Powerful Reporting

Generate reports and gain actionable insights into project performance, identify trends and hotspots, and make data-driven decisions.

Health and Safety & Toolbox Talks

Bring new site teams up to speed quickly with standardised health & safety processes and their respective forms. Make essential safety checks a mandatory field in forms to ensure that processes are being followed.

Photo Evidencing and Auditing

Ensure that your projects are being completed to the highest standards, using product specifications and photo evidence to adhere to compliance and quality checks.

Simple Project Closeouts

Keeping all of the project information means that when you decide the project has reached ‘substantial completion’ the submittals, evidencing, and completed snags are all there for the accessor to close out promptly.

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