Construction Operations Management

Connect information between the office and field to gain a full, detailed picture of project status. Streamline operational processes and reduce time taken searching for vital documents, chasing up site diaries, and reporting on project progress.

Operations management is the backbone of a successful construction company.

Control, track, and improve your company's operations to build better.

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Manage Projects

Value management through increasing efficiency, simplifying processes, and eliminating duplications.

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Enhanced project communications between teams in the office and out on-site.

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Measurable Success

Complete value management from project start to finish.

Cloud-based, Collaborative, Integrated Solutions

Introducing Viewpoint Field View – the ultimate solution for construction operations! This comprehensive platform streamlines data collection, automates processes, and enhances productivity. With real-time reporting and analytics, gain valuable insights for data-driven decisions. The customisable forms and user-friendly mobile app improve project coordination and communication. Experience improved visibility, accuracy, and efficiency with Viewpoint Field View and unlock unparalleled operational performance!

Field View has proved instrumental in providing us and helping us maintain a quality system and record system that is fit for purpose. Through the records produced, it delivers consistency, transparently and full visibility, both for us and for our client.

— Alina Turda, Quality Systems Engineer, BYLOR

Full visibility of site personnel

Know what's happening -- and where. Track work progress throughout a project and improve collaboration and reporting.

Smarter change management processes

Track changes in the field to proactively make neccessary adjustments during the project. Use real-time information to make informed, actionable decisions.

Streamline Business Processes

Use Viewpoint's project and field management solutions to improve communication and collaboration to increase project productivity.

Total Quality and Risk Management

Easily improve quality and minimise risks throughout your entire project lifecycle by proactively ensuring quality checks occur to reduce errors ahead of time.

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