Contract Management for Construction

The stress-free approach to managing contracts

Run your construction projects more efficiently with everything you need in one place. Access all of your project information, actions and documents alongside Viewpoint For Projects.

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Strengthen Partnerships

Improve client and customer relationships by ensuring that projects stay productive, collaborative, and accurate.

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Stay compliant

Manage your legal compliance checks through automated workflows and easily view this information on the dashboard.

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Project visibility

See the bigger project picture and gain full transparency of information and tasks with real-time communications.

Using Contract Manager alongside Viewpoint For Projects means fewer delays and fewer errors — your projects can stay on track and within budget.

Viewpoint is an integrated project management solution designed to connect people, information, and processes so that the right information always reaches the right person at the right time, helping businesses to save time and money, improve control, and reduce risk.

Transparent top-down view

Our tool will provide you with full transparency of information and tasks that need completing in a simple layout. This will ensure your projects stay on track and in budget.

Collaborative Working

All your information is hosted on one central hub. Each user can view important actions, documents and other communications from your project team in real time.

Easy to use

Contract Manager has been designed with you in mind. It is straightforward and intuitive for all capabilities with the entire project at your fingertips.

Manage risks

Contract Manager makes it easy to manage your risks. They can be flagged early, shared with all relevant users and mitigated before they cause an issue.

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No matter your needs or the size of your company, Viewpoint has the best construction software on the market to help launch your business to the next level.