Viewpoint For Projects

Viewpoint For Projects is a construction document management system that simplifies project documentation.

Share, control and collaborate on construction project documents and drawings with revision control.

Complete Project Information Management

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Reduce Errors

Avoid duplication of efforts and mistakenly working from previous versions of documents.

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Gain Visibility

Create a culture of accountability with complete audit trails and workflows.

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Connected Construction

Bring together disconnected project teams onto a single platform.

500,000+ users | The UK's leading construction companies trust Viewpoint For Projects to manage their projects

An Award-Winning Common Data Environment

Viewpoint For Projects, formerly 4Projects, is a powerful construction management tool that enables businesses to manage project documentation and communications.

"It's easy to use, readily available, the pricing is competitive and I couldn't recommend it highly enough."

Property Development Director, PureGym

"From document control, revision history, approvals, and disseminating that information to our project teams. It's the right information at the right time".

SHEQ Process Manager, Domis

Workflows and Permissions

Create custom workflows to progress construction documents through review, revision and approval. Granular permissions limit and control access to information and determining editing rights, while a full revision history and audit trail is captured and stored.

Construction Project Management/Document Management

Track progress with up-to-date project information. The search functionality makes it easy to quickly retrieve project information and minimise delays.

Design Review and Mark Up

Annotate, comment, and revise drawings, facilitating effective communication among team members. Simplify your document review process and optimise project outcomes with Viewpoint For Projects intuitive mark-up tool.

3D Model Viewer

Keep project information in one place with the ability to view and annotate BIM drawings from within Viewpoint For Projects.


When the proper data security and user permissions are in place, your projects can run smoothly and safely without extra roadblocks. Safeguard sensitive data and ensure secure communication and collaboration among project stakeholders. Viewpoint For Projects is certified in the following: MoD CyDR (DART), ISO 27001, SOC II Type 2, and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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