Field View for Part L Compliance

Satisfy Part L requirements with photographic evidence captured in a simple, paperless format

What is Part L?

Part L, or Document L, is an amended building standard that states all new dwellings should be built with the aim to increase conservation of fuel and power.

Part L coincides with new building regulations that came into effect in England and Wales on June 15th. Although building regulations are a legal requirement and are therefore mandatory, Approved Documents (such as Document L) are suggestions of how to enforce a new building regulation.

The Part L standards have been amended with increased goals to reduce CO2 and other emissions.

In this case, in December 2021, the government announced new goals of 30% less CO2 than current standards and a 27% reduction of emissions as part of their ambition to achieve net zero. The new regulations have also been designed to preemptively prepare for the 2025 Building Standards, so there will be no need for retrofitting on new builds between 2022-2025.

Client Success Story

I can’t see any reason, no matter what scale of project, why a house builder wouldn’t be using Field View.

— Colin Draper, Project Director
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Recently we've used Field View more for compliance. Following the Grenfell disaster, we work on high-risk buildings and there's a requirement for us to demonstrate that what we put in is right and we use Field View to capture photographs and the compliance of what we've installed on-site.

— Michael Green, Managing Director, Red Systems

Part L compliance is a small fraction of what Field View can do.

Any form or approvals process you currently do with pen and paper – Field View can replicate and improve. From toolbox talks to site diaries and quality checks to project progress, employees can spend less time handling paperwork and more time being productive on-site.


Automatically capture photos with timestamps and geolocation information that can be submitted to the SAP assessor for approval.

Snagging & Tasks

Create custom tasks e.g. thermal bridging snags. Improve communication and accountability by assigning tasks to teams and subcontractors then simply track to close with complete visibility at every step.


Process task workflows can be configured to include the submission of any form including Part L. Colour-coded statuses provide visibility into task completion and ensure that tasks are completed in the correct order.


Use custom-built Part L forms, configurable to your business requirements, to help stay compliant. Mandatory geolocated and time-stamped photos, electronic signature signoff, and the ability to access supporting documentation are but a few of the form features available.

Dashboards & Reporting

Gain total visibility over the field with visualised charts, statistics, and grid views. Use standard reports or create your own Part L dashboard to track task progress and statuses, to distribute actionable insight to internal and external stakeholders.

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