Construction is Hard. Gain Back Time, Productivity and Visibility.

37% of projects are late and 33% go over budget. There is another way. Find out how Viewpoint are transforming the construction industry.

Do you have the information you need to perform most effectively?

Our newly published report by Dodge Data is an insightful read into how contractors collect and use data to make the right decisions.

Is your organisation struggling to achieve BIM Level 2?

Our BIM Manager within Viewpoint for Projects has been developed specifically to assist businesses on their BIM journey.

Construction Software that Drive Success

Viewpoint Team

Improve project communications and the management of documents and approved drawings for more efficient and profitable projects.

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Viewpoint Field View

Viewpoint Field View

A cloud-based and off-line mobile solution that replaces pen and paper in the field for QA/QC, safety, project delivery and handover.

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Viewpoint For Projects

A cloud-based document and information management solution for sharing, controlling and collaborating on project documents with dispersed project teams.

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BIM Manager in VFP

Streamline your BIM modeling management from a single source to ensure projects are completed faster and more efficiently.

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Simplified Roles for Every Job

Project Management for Construction

Single database management solutions provide unparalleled visibility into the life cycle of your projects. Integrated with accounting and built for collaboration, Viewpoint solutions work for any sized contractor.

  • Automate tasks for speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive and customisable interface
  • Integrated for streamlined business processes

Document/Design Collaboration

Documents are the core of any construction project. From simple storage of drawings, documents, and photos to highly-configurable controls that also manage information, people and process.

  • Limit and control access to information
  • Preserve all document revisions and versions
  • View and mark up without native software
  • Flexible workflow engine

Field Productivity

The jobsite is where it all comes together. Or where it can all fall apart. With lots of teams member performing multiple processes, it’s important to gain the real-time visibility into the status of a project. Digitising daily logs, snagging, site inspections and other site processes lets your team resolve issues sooner — before they set your project back.

  • Digitise your pen and paper processes
  • Real-time visibility and progress/performance monitoring
  • Automated and consistent field processes
  • Operations dashboards and configurable reporting
  • Analyse data from all jobsite processes across projects