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To learn more about Vista, visit our website at: This feature was made available in the 6.16 Vista release. If you would like your construction business to take full advantage of the latest innovative solutions in Vista consider upgrading to Vista’s current version. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights or visit our website: " Vista Nvoicepay Integration. Many contractors find themselves frustrated with the Accounts Payable payment process, as it is one of the more time consuming workflows in your back office. Not only does it take many hours per week to pay hundreds of vendors, but it's expensive, as well as full of risk with you having to hold sensitive payment information for your vendors and suppliers. Vista's integration with financial technology provider and Nvoicepay offers a better and simpler way. With Nvoicepay, Vista helps improve your efficiency and reduces the cost of your AP process. You can process all payment methods together in a single file and reduce or eliminate printing checks, giving a cost reduction of up to 75%. Nvoicepay reduces your risk because you no longer need to collect or store vendor banking and payment data, as it is securely maintained and updated by Nvoicepay. Nvoicepay provides you with a new revenue opportunity, whereby contractors can maximize rebates earned on payments settled via a credit card. Today, Vista must generate payment files consisting of checks to be printed and mailed, ACH payments, and various credit services payments. With Nvoicepay, Vista sends a single payment file to Nvoicepay who then processes the payments, no matter how the supplier prefers to be paid. They then return the actual payment data for reconciliation in Vista. Let's look to see how easy it is in Vista. To access the Nvoicepay company set up in Vista, click on AP company parameters, then on payment services. On the left is a healthful configuration for Nvoicepay. All of the payment information will be provided by Nvoicepay when you set up. Your payment process remains the same with Nvoicepay. You can still export checks and download EFTs, but now when you have created a payment batch under tasks, you'll find the option to generate Nvoicepay export. Now, you can fill out your descriptions and press the initialize button. Through an API web service call, it will automatically transfer that information to Nvoicepay. In approximately 30 minutes, your payment will be processed. You can complete the process by going into AP payment history. Under tasks, click update payment history, Nvoicepay. And at the payment history, information will be brought into Vista from Nvoicepay. Take control of your payment process. Find out how much Nvoicepay and Vista simplify and speed up your AP process. Reduce risk and generate revenue." Contact [email protected] to learn more.