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Global Spreadsheet Server

To learn more, visit our website: Hear what Global Spreadsheet Server can do for you to improve how you report your financials through Vista and the configurability of Excel. To get access to the most current updates Viewpoint has to offer ensures that you are updated to the latest Vista version. Subscribe here for more Vista Videos and Viewpoint Insights. "My name is Emily Hakala. I'm the information specialist at Snyder Roofing. We are located in Tigard, Oregon and we are a Viewpoint customer. So before we used the Spreadsheet Server, it was really difficult to sort of use all this data that we've been compiling and use it in meaningful way. We've written hundreds of custom crystal reports, but you can only go so far with that because the data is so static. We weren't able to really analyze things the way that we wanted to. The Spreadsheet Server has been incredibly helpful with gleaning the information that we've been collecting in our ERP system and then being able to slice and dice it in meaningful ways, and we've been using it for forecasting for financial purposes and also forecasting jobs, and then that way we're able to play hypothetical situations with the job and how it's running currently and using the projections in a different way than we've been able to use before. We've been also using it for pre-construction information, creating bid schedules and looking at pre-bid information versus actual job information and comparing information that way, as well. We've also been using it with our service department to track other things, track work order completion, profitability and it's been incredibly helpful to be able to use with hypothetical situations. I think Excel's really familiar to everyone. We are definitely one of those companies where we may live and contain all of our information in Viewpoint, but everyone always has their dozen spreadsheets that they keep on the side. So Excel is a really familiar environment for everybody. They're comfortable with it, they're already using it. So bringing Spreadsheet Server into it is a really easy transition for our end users, for upper management to be able to use. It's just an environment that they already know and so it makes the transition so much smoother. We saved a lot of time using it, but we've also saved a lot of just efficiency. So before we would run maybe four crystal reports side by side to compare information or manually enter it into Excel after we got the information from a crystal report so we can sort of compare notes, and this way using Spreadsheet Server, we're able to do everything all in one and be able to distribute it much easier than we could with other reports."