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Accounting Work Center

Get all of your crucial construction accounting workflows together from one central location with Accounting Work Center. This feature was made fully available in the 6.16 Vista release. If you would like your construction business to take full advantage of the latest innovative solutions in Vista consider upgrading to Vista’s current version. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista Accounting Work Center. Accounting Work Center provides a more efficient and unified user experience for accounting users by creating a single place within Vista to bring together information that is critical to accounting staff. Once Accounting Work Center has been set up in Vista, you immediately get a list of pre-formatted inquiries arranged by module. Within each module is a fully configured query, this can be run by company or range of months. Once you select a row from the query, you can double click and perform various actions. You can access drill down capabilities. You can even drill down to the line level as well. Click on the leftmost icon to access reports that can be executed from that particular query. To add your own inquiry, right click on item. To further customize your accounting work center by deleting an inquiry, right click and select remove. To learn more about how Vista can enhance you organization's construction billing processes, subscribe to our channel or visit our website here: