Equipment Management in Construction

Increase the longevity of your construction equipment investments.

Modern construction software can help easily track equipment usage, maintenance and show how it impacts your bottom line.

Why Can’t You Get the Most Out of Your Construction Equipment?

Errors and lack of equipment tracking, return on investment and ineffectively managing repairs can lead to budgeting issues, unexpected equipment failure and lack of production.

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Tracking Issues

Inefficient equipment tracking leads to inaccurate job costs, mismanaged projects and can skew profitability in the wrong direction.

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Return on Equipment Investment

How do you know how equipment is impacting your bottom line? Without a surefire way to identify the usage and operations costs, it’s difficult to tell if your investment is paying off.

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Maintenance Costs

Lack of documentation or an easy way to keep a detailed record of all machines, maintenance predictions and quickly tell operations when a machine needs upkeep or is failing—can lead to missed deadlines and, ultimately, frustrated clients.

Manage Equipment with Piece of Mind

Viewpoint modern construction software can help easily track equipment usage, maintenance and show how it impacts your bottom line.

Track Equipment—Smarter

With Viewpoint construction software, digitally track operating costs by easily assigning equipment spend to jobs or projects—you gain more accurate estimates.

Know Your ROI

By connecting equipment costs directly to your construction projects, you can see how much it costs to manage your machinery. This also leads to improved estimating, better managed jobs and better profitability.

Take Control of Your Maintenance

Get the most out of your equipment by digitally tracking maintenance history and alter equipment operators instantly with information that is updated in real-time – everyone stays in the know.

Before Viewpoint, our equipment tracking basically amounted to asking our shop manager ‘how much do you think it costs to keep this piece of equipment?’ It was basically guessing at our equipment costs.
– John Friedel, CEO, Baldwin Paving

Why You’ll Love Viewpoint Construction Software

From HR Management to accounting to project management, Viewpoint ERP software is built specifically to help track and streamline equipment ROI.

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated system for managing operations, improving productivity and making better decisions.

Field-to-Office Data Integration

Viewpoint Field Management™ puts real-time, easy-to-use capabilities for labor time & production unit capture, PO and material requisition, training, huddles, equipment management and more into the hands of field personnel in a responsively designed web app that’s usable on virtually any mobile device.

Collaborative Construction Accounting

Viewpoint Financial Controls™ allows construction companies to achieve collaboration between their accounting and operations teams without hidden expenses, hassle and data mapping issues that are common with third-party integrations. Project managers and operations get access to AP review, purchasing, job billing and workflow from your ERP in real-time from a mobile device. 

Reduce HR Burdens

Viewpoint HR Management™ improves productivity by giving your construction organization the ability to better manage your field and office employees through highly efficient processes — taking the burden off your strapped HR team.

Need help navigating our solutions?

Viewpoint has an equipment tracking solution for everyone. We’d be glad to answer your questions about what would work best for you.

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