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What is Trimble PULSE?

Getting accurate, timely data out of your equipment fleet doesn't have to be hard; work smarter with Trimble PULSE.

Trimble PULSE® is Trimble’s pioneering IoT connectivity platform for off and on-highway construction vehicles and equipment. Trimble PULSE helps construction companies establish connectivity between the office and the jobsite enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time. It keeps equipment and fleet managers abreast of the latest information coming in from their fleet, helping them proactively manage downtime and maximize uptime.

Trimble PULSE provides:

  • Fleet Monitoring — including location, ignition starts, engine hours, timelines, battery levels, equipment alerts and much more.
  • Utilization — including operating hours, movement history, distances and times, fuel consumption and more.
  • Maintenance — including maintenance schedules, work histories, alerts, maintenance and repair reports and much more.
  • Inspections — including configurable mobile inspection forms, photo and note capture capabilities and service/maintenance requests auto generated from maintenance reports.
  • Driver Logs and Safety Monitoring — including hours, drive/utilization time, breaks, self-serve daily driving logs, safety compliance, incident reporting, safety optimized mapping, vehicle event intelligence and more.
  • Detailed Equipment/Fleet Reporting — with tailored data aggregation, configurable report building, search and filter capabilities and intuitive exporting functionality.

To learn more about how connected Viewpoint and Trimble solutions can help optimize your construction workflows, connect with us today!

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